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We are an experienced Tennessee law office with a dedicated  Tennessee lawyer and highly trained staff working to help people with their Civil Circuit or Chancery Court case filed anywhere in Tennessee. Attorney Christine Barrett offers affordable legal services to help you get through the maze of the Tennessee legal  system. 

Our Mission Statement: We at the Affordable Legal Services of Tennessee Attorney Christine Barrett strive to offer low cost limited scope legal representation. We assist with uncontested divorces in Tennessee. We can help you, the do it yourself party, who needs specific and limited assistance with their no fault divorce including helping with your free forms.  The legal services of Attorney Christine Barrett make it our goal to help you by assisting with drafting  Tennessee divorce papers and adding specific terms to divorce agreements that are not included with the free divorce forms.  We further assist by troubleshooting the unsuccessful do it yourself divorce party who is having problems getting their divorce finalized.  Our Tennessee lawyer can assist with your divorce mediation.  Our experienced divorce attorney Christine Barrett can help you through the maze of child support worksheets and calculations.   We have experience that spans over a decade of helping couples get their divorce.  Through our Collaborative Divorce services, Attorney Christine Barrett combines her skill as a seasoned mediator and as a successful Tennessee attorney to negotiate the best settlement for your case.   Our legal  services allows the client to be in control of their spending by only contracting for limited and selective services needed.  Parties are not required to have a lawyer represent them in their divorce but many find that the paperwork is too complex or the court procedures hard to understand.  That is why we offer limited scope legal representation. With the legal services of Attorney Christine Barrett, your divorce agreements and other legal documents are prepared by an attorney.   If you do not have a lawyer, trying to do it yourself using free divorce forms, you will still be expected to know all the laws and rules, both Tennessee state and local, and how to apply them to your case.  Contact Attorney Christine Barrett today to see how our legal services can help you successfully get your Tennessee divorce.

The Tennessee legal system can intimidate and overwhelm anyone.  Our Tennessee licensed lawyer is here to help find the answers and create the solutions you need. Don't let yourself get buried in paperwork and details; instead contact Attorney Christine Barrett to find out how our legal services can help you.

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AFFORDABLE alternative to full representation for Tennessee civil cases.  unbundled legal assistance for the        self-representing party.