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Attorney Christine Barrett


Attorney Christine Barrett

​​What type of cases can I use Limited Scope Legal Representation?  Limited Scope Legal Representation was made available through Rule 11 of the Tennessee Rules of Civil Procedure. Typically these rules govern Civil Circuit and Chancery Courts of Tennessee.  Our law office offers  Limited Scope Legal Services  for DIVORCE and other FAMILY LAW matters filed in Civil Circuit and Chancery Courts in Tennessee.

Do you offer Limited Scope Legal Representation for Criminal Cases or Juvenile Court cases involving Dependent/Neglect?  No.  Our Limited Scope Legal Services are not offered in cases governed by the Tennessee Rules of Criminal Procedure or Juvenile Procedure. 

Do you accept cases  filed in other states?  No.  Our Limited Scope Legal Services are for cases filed in Tennessee only

Do you offer full legal representation?  No.  Attorney is not available for full or traditional legal representation.

My spouse and I filled out those free divorce forms from the internet but the Judge said we didn't do them right and he won't sign off on our divorce.  Can you help?  Perhaps.  Sometimes it's just a matter of reviewing what you've filed and making the necessary changes to your divorce papers so they adhere to Tennessee State law and local rules.  Often times we can assist with specific issues as needed through our Limited Scope Legal Services.

What can happen if I file the wrong divorce forms?  Some mistakes are irreversible. You may not be able to undo what you've filed...despite its devastating outcome.  Consider having a professional attorney review your divorce forms beforeyou file the wrong divorce papers with the court.  

free divorce forms

I've tried to fill out the free divorce forms myself but I'm confused and unsure of what I'm doing.  Can you help me with my free divorce forms? ABSOLUTELY!  Through Limited Scope Legal Services we're here to assist the self-representing party in completing the necessary divorce forms for no fault divorces with and without children at any stage before filing.  A lot of times the free divorce forms you get online are confusing and have incomplete instructions.  We can help you understand your free divorce forms and how to use them properly.  With our Limited Scope Legal Services, you decide what help you need.  Some clients need our assistance in reviewing what they've already done before filing their divorce forms and going to court. While others need more assistance in explaining certain terms and their impact in an agreement.  Typically our document preparation service is the least expensive alternative

frequently asked questions

document preparation service

Going through a divorce is confusing and exhausting.  I feel completely overwhelmed!  Can you help me with drafting my divorce papers?ABSOLUTELY!  Our online Document Preparation Service is to assist the self-representing or "pro se" party in completing the necessary divorce papers for divorces with and without children.   Through our detailed worksheet, we can customize your divorce documents to fit your specific circumstances.  Don't leave your important court documents up to chance.  Contact us to learn more about our low cost Document Preparation Service.   Your divorce documents will be drafted by Attorney Christine Barrett.   


My spouse has set up a mediation session so we can try to reach an agreement about the house and kids.  I'm nervous and think I need some guidance during the mediation and before I agree to anything.  Can you help me?  Yes. You can have the peace of mind that a lawyer is only a phone call or email away while you attend the mediation session alone. For some geographic locations and depending upon availability, the Attorney can attend the mediation session with you to guide you through the entire process.

How do I get started?  Our limited scope legal services are done online through email.  The benefit to you is that you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule for an appointment.  Upon your first email contact with us, you will be asked basic questions typically in the form of a FREE Initial Case Evaluation to determine what specific services we can offer in your unique situation.    Upon acceptance of your case, a no-obligation offer of services and fee quote will be emailed to you. 

What is the procedure for your document drafting service?  There are basically 3 steps.  STEP 1)  Sign and return the Attorney-Client  Retainer Agreement along with payment.    STEP 2) Complete and return the worksheet.  STEP 3) When court documents are received, follow the step-by-step instructions.  

What if I need more help after the divorce papers are completed?  We offer a wide variety of other limited scope legal services as needed and available.   Contact us for more assistance.

Can I get a divorce even though I don't know where my spouse is?  YES, as long as the spouse is still in the United States.  Through our inexpensive document preparation service and step-by-step instructions, we help our clients get their spouse served in the USA even if they don't know the spouse's current whereabouts.    

Can you help me if my spouse is in a foreign country?  Yes, as long as both parties are in complete agreement, will cooperate and sign all the necessary court documents.  However, our Limited Scope Legal Services are not designed for international non-agreed or contested cases.  

Do you prepare court documents for cases in other states?  No.  The attorney is only licensed in Tennessee.  If your case is in another state, you will need to seek a professional, licensed in that state, for assistance.

What computer programs do you use?   We use PDF and Word format.  Court documents are sent in PDF format. For an additional fee, we offer delivery by mail. 

Can I use my Smart Phone with your services?  Most phones have limited capabilities.  It is recommended that you have a private email address, access to the internet, a computer and a printer.    Office supply and copy stores may have access for a fee.  Most libraries have FREE access.

Why am I requested to contact the office through email?  To assist as many clients as possible, accountability and for record keeping purposes, it is our policy to correspond through the convenient method of email.  We also find it helpful in avoiding misunderstandings. A saved written copy of correspondence, such as specific answers or instructions, can be used for future reference as needed by our client. 

Can I get assistance to help my relative or friend with their case?  No.  We do not work through a third party contacting us for someone else.  The person whose case it is must contact us directly through their own private email or through our Contact page.   For confidentiality reasons, we will not knowingly communicate with relatives, friends or others helping on someone else's behalf. It's the law!  

I work weekdays between 8 am - 5 pm, can I still get help?  YES!  This is a virtual law office and we are not limited to the operating hours of a traditional law firm.   We are generally available by email most days, evenings, weekends and holidays.   Please be patient for a response.         



           Limited Scope Legal Service is an AFFORDABLE option

Gain the confidence in knowing your court documents were prepared by a professional.

fees and payments

How much does your limited scope legal services cost?  That depends upon the specific services needed by the client.  Limited Scope Legal Services are much more affordable than full representation.  Contact us at with your specific questions and information about the limited legal assistance you require. You are under no obligation when requesting a free estimate!  We offer a wide variety of specific and limited services tailored to meet your needs.  Most limited scope legal services can be started with a low down payment and no credit check.  Contact us for a FREE fee estimate for our Limited Scope Legal Services.

How much does your Agreed Divorce Document Preparation cost?   Fees vary depending upon children, real estate, retirement, and other circumstances involved in the case.   Contact us for a FREE no-obligation fee estimate to prepare your court document for your civil case such as Agreed Divorce,  Contested/Non-agreed Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Name Change, Modification of  Parenting Plans, Child Support Worksheet and Child Support Calculations, etc.

Do you have payment plans? Yes.  Most of our online services qualify for our affordable payment plan.  Payment plan may depend upon the time constraints of the case. By breaking up your case into sections, it allows payment plans that may not otherwise be available with full representation.

What forms of payment do you accept?  PayPal, Cashier Checks and Money Orders.  Payment can be made with a credit card, debit card or bank account set up through your FREE PayPal account.  Through PayPal, your account information is safe and NEVER shared with us. We do not accept personal checks or payments over the telephone.

Does the fee include "filing fees"?   No. Fees for limited scope legal services do not include any applicable filing fees, court costs or other case related expenses.  However, in some cases, filing fees may be waived or postponed to the end of the case upon request and qualifications as determined by the Court.  

How is  mediation considered a "voluntary" process if a Judge can order me to attend the mediation session?  A Judge can 

order a party to attend the mediation session but the party still has the freedom to enter or not to enter into an agreement that may be developed in the mediation session.  Attendance may be mandatory by a Judge's order but the agreement must be voluntarily entered into to be valid.

Why don't the free divorce forms include issues like Real Property, Retirement and Business interest? Those issues can be complex, may require additional legal documents and a lawyer should be consulted.  The free forms don't include all the technical terms and legal language for your specific situation.  The free divorce forms are typically only for simple general use and were not developed with your specific circumstances in mind.  They may not be current or comply with State and LOCAL rules.  Let our online document preparation service help you.

Still have questions about our Limited Scope Legal Services?   EMAIL US at

Can I use your services if I am currently represented by an Attorney in the case?  No.  To qualify for our limited scope legal services, you must be unrepresented by an attorney and willing to represent yourself (ie, "self-represented" or "Pro Se")

Does it matter that I don't live in Tennessee even though my case is filed in Tennessee? With Limited Scope Legal Services, you are representing yourself at all times regardless of where you live.  You are solely responsible for filing your court documents in the Tennessee county and court where the case if filed and meet all deadlines.  You must attend court as often and as necessary as your case requires,regardless of the geographical distance or financial hardship.  

Can I cancel legal services?  Yes.  Client may terminate our legal services AT ANY TIME   

Why does the offer and quote for legal services have an expiration date?  Attorney's time is finite and availability is limited.  To give proper attention to every case, we limit the number of cases we accept at any given time.  If your offer expires without submitting the signed retainer agreement and minimum down payment, you will not be able to "reactive" it by simply sending the signed contract and payment.   You will need to contact us and possibly re-submit your application for services because your situation may have changed, the fees may have changed and/or our case load may be full.

Where can I get a copy of  my court file?  You may request a copy of the documents filed in your court case  from the Court Clerk where the case is filed.  Expect to pay a copy fee charge as determined by the court clerk's office.

How can I submit  the requested information, can I FAX you my documents?  Unfortunately we do not use a fax machine.  To submit copies of requested documents, signed retainer or any other information, scan and email them to

 In some areas, your local library, office supply store such as Staples or UPS Store may be able to assist you.  If capable, a  complete and  legible  photo can be attached to the email.   You can also send them by USPS, UPS, FEDX, etc. 

Can I mail my information  or payment to you?  YES.  We accept delivery by USPS, UPS, FEDX, etc.  Expect additional time for delivery.  Mail requiring signature receipt will be delayed.   Packages with postage due will be denied.

Can you help me if I have to file a response in a couple of days?  Perhaps, depending upon availability and time frame given.  For a premium, you may need to use our RUSH SERVICE.